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Safety Net Dental Clinics in North Carolina

Across North Carolina, there now are more than 75 dental clinics dedicated to serving low-income patients who have limited access to dental care. This number is close to three times the number of facilities that existed in the early 1990s. Typically, these clinics are operated by local public health departments, community health centers, or other non-profit organizations. Most of these clinics accept patients enrolled in Medicaid or Health Choice. Many of these clinics also provide services on a sliding-fee scale to low-income patients who have no dental insurance. These Safety Net Dental Clinics are located in most counties in the state. If there is not a local Safety Net Dental Clinic in your area, contact your county health department for information on available resources. Also, the North Carolina Community Health Center Association (NCCHCA) maintains a list of community health centers operating in North Carolina. Contact the community health center nearest you to find out if they provide dental care.

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Here is a list of Medicaid dentists and dental specialists in North Carolina :


Please check additional information in the comments section , found by Emil !


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I have 3 really messed up wisdom teeth I need help and I'm poor this week my jaw started getting tight big knot on it I'm scared I'm going to die . I live in Hickory North Carolina. someone PLEASE pleeease point me in the right direction to give these out
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Chadd   in reply to Abscessed_Sick_DepressedSoul
In case you haven't found help yet, etc., have you contacted UNC Chapel Hill Dental School Clinic @919-537-3997 ? With Medicaid, you may be able to be seen & treated for free, though it's a process; In an emergency, there may be alternatives within their clinic.
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chicklet   in reply to amin611
Did u find a reasonable dentist
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chicklet   in reply to amin611
I agree did you find a reasonable dentist
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woman in a shoe   in reply to burger king mom
Hi there free dental in every state type free dental city state or call the dental school good luck
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burger king mom
28 y/o mom of three in need of desperate help. I have two teeth that i need removed, can't afford the dentist and my credit i is horrible. Tried Medicaid and i am not eligible. I do work and am willing to make payments. I reside in greensboro nc anyone know a dentist that can help?
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strawbweery1   in reply to amin611
I need two implants and glue removed with little money
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Hi To all who read this!! I reside in Raleigh NC, I am currently 29 yrs old & have had nothing but problem after problem with my teeth since I was young!! I have had a 6 tooth bridge put in numerous root canals, crowns, & fillings after fillings!! I am now left with a major problem in my mouth & im not willing to give up my pride for dentures!!! I seek dental implants so just maybe i can live a 1/2 normal life without going to the dentist every other week! I'm not looking for free work but i am looking for affordable work to be done as I truly don't want to have to sell my pride because I'm not wealthy!! Please!!! if anyone can help me with this I'm ready & willing to travel almost anywhere in the US just so i can hold my head high!! Thank you everyone who reads!! :-)
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I have very crooked teeth, its very bad with an extreme over bite, and inflamed gums. I have no insurance and except pregnancy Medicaid is there any place out there that can help assist me with braces affordably? In Eastern North Carolina of course...
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Hello I am in need of getting help to fix my teeth I have like 6 to be pulled out and will need cleaning and dentures...went ti dentist earlier this year and they told me it would take 13,000 to fix.Can't afford insurance please help thxz
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I am a disabled 46 year old male who has multiple abscesses off and on. I only have pieces of 7 lower teeth and a couple of others that are broken off at gumline. I am in constant pain and I stay sick all the time. Most of the food I try to eat has to be very soft or put in a blender. The insurance I have with Medicare and Humana doesn't cover extractions or dentures. I can't even spend quality time with my children or my grandchildren because the poison from the abscesses keeps me in constant pain and so sick it makes me vomit violently at times. Eating is a punishment and torture the military would refuse to even use on a terrorist. If anyone knows of a dentist in the Siler City, Chatham County area of North Carolina that can help me it would be very appreciated. My monthly disability check doesn't even cover my monthly living exspenses so I can't afford to pay for services unless a payment plan of $5 or less a month could be set up. Thank you ahead of time for any information that can be provided to help me! God Bless and have a wonderful day.
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chellecurry   in reply to milas
Call mission of mercy and check north Carolina... 316.260.5056
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I have a tooth that hurting I have no insurance and little money can I get help
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blacknmild   in reply to Cyoung517
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praying4UaLways   in reply to britnyfnc
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praying4UaLways   in reply to erinrose
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I live in Charlotte NC. I do not have transportation other than a city bus. I do not have an income other than an occasional side job. I live with my daughter who is also on a very limited income and a single parent. I have not been to a dentist since 1995 which is the last year that I had any dental insurance. I have broken teeth in the front which along with being painful, ruin my appearance and limit my possibility of getting a job, and I have several infected and broken teeth in the back, some broken at gum level and some that are constantly infected to a point that they make my face swell up all the way to my eye. I have been to the ER a couple of times to get antibiotics for this. I am in pain a lot and I have taken so many aspirin that my stomach is messed up from it. Now I have unpaid ER bills because I had to get the antibiotics. Any help would be so appreciated. This has been going on for a very long time.
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I need my 2 bottom front teeth pulled i live off 170 bucks every 2 weeks & i have a child so bascially i need low cost or free help in or around franklin nc can anyone direct me where to go plzzz
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blazinbomb3   in reply to Tinkerbell2007
Hi tinkerbell2007 if u found someone please let me know I live in Maggie valley
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yad   in reply to sheila73
try the health dept. they usually have some kind of dental assistance for low income
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